A Few Words about DELIVERY TIMES

Most Richmond Controls items are custom configured from standard components.  Some are stock items that can be delivered from inventory when inventory is available.  Some are very special and require new designs, new software, or new assembly techniques.  As a result, IT IS GENERALLY NOT POSSIBLE OR REALISTIC TO ACCURATELY PREDICT A SHIPPING DATE FOR MOST ORDERS.  Therefore, CUSTOMERS SHOULD NOT ASSUME OR EXPECT RAPID SHIPMENT except for obviously stock items like LEDs and wipers, and even those items are occasionally out of stock.

It is often not possible for us to estimate how much time the preparation of an order will take.  Therefore, we will generally not even attempt to predict a shipping date in most cases. 

New orders are processed in the order received.  Repairs and adjustments always come first.  Complex installation orders typically come last.  When a customer needs a single item very quickly for some important reason (for example, for a gift or for a train show display), we will generally attempt to slip that one item ahead in the schedule, but not as a regular occurrence.