Richmond Controls is not set up to accept credit cards, but we can accept payments in the form of checks, money orders, travelers' checks, etc.  We can receive PayPal payments directed to sales@richmondcontrols.com .  Since we are not set up to accept credit cards, and since most of our products are tailored to the customer's specifications, we do not have a "shopping basket" type of order entry system.

The items desired can be specified using part numbers or a good description.  Frequently, the customer can just send a copy of an email message in which the items were quoted.  Since our products have so many potential variations, a detailed description is usually preferable.

Please use the Order Blank as a guide to show what information we need in order to process an order.  It is not necessary to fill out and send the order blank, but it is necessary to provide all of the information requested on the order blank.

We ship using the United States Postal Service, either Insured Priority Mail or UNINSURED First Class Mail within the United States (customer's choice), or UNINSURED Global Priority Mail outside the United States.  Customers desiring other shipping options are welcome to inquire, but we do not have any low-cost ways of shipping via carriers like UPS or FedEx.  For those options, we have to utilize a shipping store, that involves an extra expense, and the shipping charge is actual cost.