The small size of EZ-LITE™ modules makes them ideal for some scenery applications. For example, the EZ26 FRED module could be used to drive flashing lights for road construction vehicles or roadway barriers. The EZLS is very well suited for lighting building interiors.  The EZ08 module was developed as a general purpose module which could be given special software for specific applications.

For EZLS applications, please refer to the descriptions of EZLS features and options.

For all of the following applications, the EZ08 module requires 6 to 24 volts of well-filtered DC power.  Some scenery applications of the EZ08 are:

RADIO ANTENNA TOWER FLASHING LIGHTS - This module generates both the white strobe lights typically utilized during daylight hours, plus the "winking-out" red and steady red lights normally utilized at night. The module includes a photocell with adjustable sensitivity for automatically changing between the strobe mode and the "winking-out" mode as ambient light conditions change.

An antenna lighting kit intended for use with the Showcase Miniatures etched brass radio tower includes the EZ08 module with appropriate software, plus a prewired light assembly (two white strobe lights, two "winking-out" red lights, and two groups of 3 steady red lights).  The most popular kit has been the EZ08-P28-KIT1, which contains the lights previously mentioned as well as the assembled and tested EZ08 mounted in a deLuxe Innovations container (representing the electronic equipment shelter) and all necessary parts, including the Showcase Miniatures tower.  The price of this kit is $120.00.  The kit for the double-height version (22") with two towers is $140.00.  Richmond Controls also sells assembled and tested towers equipped with lights.  Please contact us for price and availability information on assembled towers, or see the separate link describing Radio Towers.

The EZ08 module can also be used to provide aircraft warning lights for tall smokestacks, tall buildings, grain elevators, water towers, etc. Software and lighting kits can be readily tailored to the needs of the user.

EMERGENCY VEHICLE LIGHTS - This module drives the lights on police cars or fire trucks in a pattern typical for many applications:  headlights and tail lights alternating off and on, plus red, amber and blue light bar strobes.

An emergency vehicle lighting kit for use with Busch HO Scale Highway Patrol cars includes the EZ08 module with appropriate software, plus two LED headlights, 2 red tail light LEDs, and 3 light bar LEDs (one red, one amber, and one blue).  Many other combinations are possible.  Pricing is a function of the number and color of LEDs supplied.  Typically, the EZ08 with software is $30.00, red, amber, and white LEDs are $2.00 each, and blue or green LEDs are $4.00 each.  Lighting effects can include common patterns like On/Off, Bright/Dim, Rotating Beacons, and Multiple-Flash Strobes, plus uncommon patterns like machine gun bursts.

LIGHTHOUSE ROTATING BEACON - A typical lighthouse has a very bright light rotating a few times every minute.  Viewed from a distance, the observer sees the light intensity start at a low level, slowly grow brighter, quickly become very bright with an intense flash, slowly dim, and return to the initial low level.  The EZ08 Lighthouse Module generates this pattern using an extremely bright surface mount LED that emits light in all directions.  The "standard" EZ08 Lighthouse Module is the EZ08-001 for $36.00.  It is supplied with a connector to fit the LED, and it is ideal for the Walthers HO Scale lighthouse kit.