Richmond Controls sells several versions of the beautiful Showcase Miniatures radio towers shown on page 42 of the August 2000 Model Railroader. The most popular versions have been:

  1. Antenna only: $25.00
  2. Bag of parts for lighting kit, without antenna: $100.00
  3. Bag of parts for lighting kit, with antenna : $125.00
  4. Bag of parts for lighting kit, with two antennas : $150.00
  5. Complete, tested, and ready to use (single-height, 11"): $295.00
  6. Complete, tested, and ready to use (double-height, 22"): $395.00
Many other “customer specified” combinations of lights are possible, and several of these have been shipped as well. In addition to the fact that various combinations of lights can be supplied, the towers can also be supplied in various stages of completion. In all cases, the end result for a “standard” model with lights is a Showcase Miniatures radio tower painted in the alternating red and white scheme with photocell-controlled lights at four levels. Please refer to the Photo Gallery.

Customers have applied the same lighting systems to tall buildings like skyscrapers and grain elevators, as well as to the Nansen Z Scale water tower and the Walthers HO Scale chimneys.

The “STANDARD” lighting kit provides the following:

On the ground there is a deLuxe Innovations 20 foot container (N Scale) that houses the controller board. For other scales, the controller board will easily fit into a small model of a shed or 20’ container. The model runs on any DC voltage between 8 VDC and 30 VDC. A single-height version of the antenna is about 11 inches tall. It is designed to be easily removed from a modular layout.

Assembling the "bag-of-parts" kit takes a lot of time and various skills, including painting and delicate soldering. The circuit board assembly for the controller is complete and tested. There is an 8 page instruction sheet for assembly, including instructions for making two assembly jigs. The jigs can be borrowed, if a $25.00 deposit is made. Shipping is $6.00 per shipment, regardless of how much or how little is included in the shipment.

To order, it is best to describe your desired end result.