Richmond Controls has a wide variety of electrical contacts for acquiring electrical power from the track via metal wheels and locomotive trucks.  The main applications are (1) acquiring power for track-powered car lighting modules, and (2) improving the power pickups for some locomotives that benefit from improved electrical pickups.

AXLE WIPERS (current collectors)  are available for several applications in Z, Nn3, N, and HO Scale, as follows:
Z & Nn3 Micro-Trains Freight Trucks EZ10-WPRS Use with metal wheels $4.00
Z & Nn3 Marklin Passenger Trucks EZ53-WPRS Use with metal wheels $4.00
N Freight Car Trucks EZ41-WPRS Includes two 00-90 screws $4.00
N 4-Wheel Passenger Trucks EZ51-WPRS Includes two 00-90 screws $4.00
N 6-Wheel Passenger Trucks EZ51-WPRS-6 For Con-Cor/Rivarosi/Atlas $4.00
HO All Trucks EZ61-WPRS (Freight & Passenger)
includes two 2-56 screws

All of these axle wipers are designed for use with metal wheel sets that have one wheel electrically connected to the axle and the other wheel insulated.  Replacement wheels are available from Northwest Shortlines, Intermountain, Jay-Bee, Kadee, Reboxx, and others.

All of the wipers listed above resemble an “H” with a hole in the crossbar, and a “set” consists of a pair of wipers, enough for one car.  In some cases (as noted), sets also include some hardware. Each wiper has two metal fingers wiping on each axle.  Typically, a screw is inserted through the hole in the crossbar, through the pivot portion of the truck, and into the car interior to conduct current from the wheel set through the wiper and screw to the car interior.  The material is either thin stainless steel, thin nickel-plated spring brass, or thin nickel-plated beryllium copper.

ELECTRICAL CONTACT IMPROVEMENT KITS are presently available for several N Scale locomotives.  Each can be combined with Richmond Controls lighting kits or can be used alone.

Presently-available kits include:
Con-Cor Challenger & Big Boy Tender EZWPRS-CHAL Includes two-pin connector set $20.00
Bachmann Northern Tender EZWPRS-BNOR Includes hardware, connector set  $20.00
Bachmann N&W “J” Tender EZWPRS-N&WJ Includes hardware, connector set $20.00
Samhongsa 4-Axle Brass Diesel  * EZWPRS-SAM4 Contacts all 8 wheels $10.00
Samhongsa 6-Axle Brass Diesel  * EZWPRS-SAM6 Contacts all 12 wheels $10.00
Overland Brass P42 EZWPRS-OP42 Contacts all 8 wheels $10.00
Kato Material Handling Car EZWPRS-KMHC Contacts all 4 power tips $10.00

* Similar Samhongsa diesels have small differences.  Please specify WHICH diesel is being fitted.

The two-pin connector sets are very tiny and include 6” of highly flexible wire attached to the connector plug and the connector socket.  Typically the connectors are used to route current from the wipers on the tender to the motor in the locomotive.  The Samhongsa, Overland and Kato sets have no connector sets.