A family of interior and exterior lighting systems is available for the Athearn N Scale and HO Scale Bombardier commuter cars.  The modules can also be used in all other types of passenger cars, including other commuter cars.  The modules are based on the EZ51 and EZ61, respectively.

All modules work with any form of track power (DC, DCC, Aristocraft, etc., with peak voltage not exceeding 16 volts).  All modules are highly resistant to flickering (typically operating for several seconds after being removed from the track), and the light intensity does not vary with track voltage.  All modules have evenly distributed interior lighting, and no lamps are used --- only LEDs.  Interior lighting is subdued and nondirectional.

For Cab Control cars, the user can specify virtually any conceivable combination of exterior lighting, including such things as headlights, ditch lights, tail lights, Prime Stratolite, rotary beacon, Mars Light, Gyralight, single or multiple synchronized or out-of-phase strobes, etc.  The ditch lights can be steady, always alternating, or automatic (start alternating when passing a trackside activator).  Exterior lighting is inherently directional with DC or Aristocraft, but can be supplied nondirectional on request.  A decoder is required to make the lighting directional on a DCC system.  The decoder can also be used to start the alternating cycle for ditch lights if the DCC user prefers that to automatic activation.

Axle wipers are available for obtaining track power from every wheel of an Athearn car.  The lighting module is meant to be attached to the body shell ceiling, and the wiper system is designed to allow the user to simply plug and unplug the lighting module when removing or replacing the body shell of an Athearn car.

Installation requires drilling two small holes in the chassis of an Athearn car for the track power wires, and 4 small holes in the upstairs aisles for routing the power input wires to the module.  For best results, the two end extensions of the upstairs interior part should be removed to allow light to reach the seats located over the trucks.

In general, module kits need to be tailored to the purchaser's specifications, as they are made to fit the purchaser's specific brand and model of car, and may need to take into account the type of power available. Prices start at the base prices for the EZ51 and EZ61. Exterior lights are extra-cost options whose price depends on the complexity of the lighting effects. For more information and pricing of specific versions, please contact us or refer to the configuration checklist.".