The EZ31 module provides a variety of lighting features for HO Scale cabooses and short passenger cars, and the EZ41 module is the equivalent for N Scale cabooses. All come with interior lights and a supercapacitor as standard features, and they can be ordered with a variety of optional features:

The modules are designed to be track powered, and begin operating at a very low track voltage, typically 2.5 to 3.5 volts.  All modules use supercapacitors to reduce or eliminate flickering due to dirty track or wheels, and interior lighting is standard.  (Lights will typically remain on for several seconds after lifting the car from the track.)
PRICING: Base Price (EZ31 family):
$32.00 per module
(With interior lights and supercapacitor standard)
  Base Price (EZ41 family):
$29.00 per module
(With interior lights and supercapacitor standard)
Optional items:
See selection below
  EZLS: Please request a quotation  

Select options from the following tables, create the appropriate part numbers, and add the amounts shown to the base price. Please note: Interior lighting and supercapacitors are now standard, and batteries are not offered.

PART NUMBERS: Our part numbers have meaning, but YOU aren’t required to use them if you don’t want to. In case you care, the full part number for all modules consists of the module number followed by a dash ("-") and a three-number suffix of the form "-xyz". The whole part number resembles EZ31-xyz. For the caboose modules, replace the "x" with a letter specifying the type of tail light (see below), replace the "y" with a number specifying the number of marker and drumhead lights (see below), and replace the "z" with a letter specifying whether wipers are needed (see below).

Tail Light:   0 = None, F = Flashing RED LED ($4.00), R = steady Red LED ($2.00)

Marker Lights or Drumhead Lights (LEDs):
  0 = None, = one ($2.00), 2 = two ($4.00), 3 = three ($6.00)

Axle Wipers (current collectors - for Z, N and HO Scale only): 0 = None, W = 1 set ($4.00)

Examples: (ALL with interior lights and supercapacitors as standard features)
  HO Scale caboose module with 2 marker lights => EZ31-020 => $32 + $0 + $4 + $0 = $36.
  Bachmann N Scale old-time passenger car module with Wipers => EZ31-00W => $32 + $0 + $0 + $4 = $36.
  N Scale caboose module with Red tail light and Wipers => EZ41-R0W => $29 + $2 + $0 + $4 = $35.

When ordering, always describe the desired end result as in the examples. (A good description is more helpful than a part number.)

Module dimensions are:

EZ31 (HO)
3.77" (9.6 cm)
0.51" (1.29 cm)
0.1" (0.25 cm)
EZ41 (N)
1.85" (4.7 cm)
0.48" (1.21 cm)
0.16" (0.4 cm)

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