Richmond Controls Company offers two families of modules that provide constant-intensity lighting. The EZ13 & EZ14 and the EZ22 modules were designed primarily for steam locomotives and earlier diesels which did not have any of the flashing or alternating special effects lights. The EZ24 is designed to fit the Life-Like N Scale SW9/SW1200.

3.0 VDC
Forward Only
3.25 VDC
3.0 VDC
3.5 VDC
3.0 VDC
3.5 VDC
3.0 VDC
Bi-directional (Life-like SW9/1200)
3.5 VDC
* The MINIMUM INPUT VOLTAGE is the lowest pure-DC track voltage at which full brilliance is attained.

FORWARD ONLY - Only illuminates when the locomotive is traveling forward (or reverse, if connected backwards).

BI-DIRECTIONAL - Always illuminates, regardless of the locomotive’s direction of travel.

THREE-WAY - Has a Forward-Only output, a Reverse-Only output, and a Bi-directional output.

The 3.0 VDC output option is required when driving LEDs, because LEDs require more than 1.5 volts to illuminate.  Module dimensions are:
EZ13 & EZ14
0.59" (1.5 cm)
0.38" (0.96 cm)
0.065" (1.7 mm)
0.68" (1.73 cm)
0.38" (0.96 cm)
0.070" (1.8 mm)
0.63" (1.56 cm)
0.39" (1.0 cm)
0.16" (0.4 cm)

APPLICATION INFORMATION - The intended application for the FORWARD-ONLY EZ-LITETM module (EZ13) is for steam locomotives which have a headlight but no reverse light on the tender. The EZ13 module was designed to fit the Kato N Scale Mikado, and it can be installed without cutting ANY of the Mikado’s metal chassis (NO CHOPPINGTM). It also fits a wide variety of other N Scale and HO Scale steam locomotives.

The BI-DIRECTIONAL EZ-LITETMmodule (EZ14) was designed for the N Scale Kato and Atlas Alco roadswitchers which do not have enough room for the EZ-LITETM special effects modules. Some prototype railroads have headlights at both ends of the locomotive always illuminated when doing switching, and the bi-directional module provides this type of headlight function.

The THREE-WAY EZ-LITETM module (EZ22) is ideal for locomotives with very little unused space inside the body shell, such as the HO Scale Walthers SW-1. The directional headlights can be used in both ends if that style of headlight operation is preferred, and the bi-directional light can be used for cab lighting, number boards, and similar non-directional applications. The EZ22 module plugs into the Atlas N Scale GP7 and anywhere the EZ02 module can be used, without requiring chassis modifications.

The user can select a variety of combinations of LEDs to be driven by the constant-intensity EZ-LITETM modules. Headlights and ditch lights connected to the module use appropriate LEDs. Our Golden White and Sunny White LEDs provide a brilliant white light with no blue tint, a great visual improvement over the dim yellow LEDs, bluish-white LEDs, and large non-focused bulbs furnished as standard equipment in many locomotives.

NOTE REGARDING LED WIRE LENGTH: For HO locomotives, modules will be supplied with 6" long LED wires unless some other length is requested. For N Scale, the user may need to specify the length of the LED wire (measured from the board edge to the front of the LED). If we have done the locomotive application before, we may know what length works best - otherwise, you may need to specify this length.
PRICING: Base Price (EZ13, EZ14, EZ24):
$20.00 per module
(Without lights)
Base Price (EZ22):
$24.00 per module
(Without lights)
Additional, per LED: $2.00 per LED (for unmodified LEDs)
Additional, DCC resistor or Zener diode: $2.00 per module (To limit input voltage below 16 V PEAK)

PART NUMBERS: Our part numbers have meaning, but YOU aren’t required to use them if you don’t want to. In case you care, the full part number for all modules consists of the module number followed by a dash ("-") and a three-number suffix of the form "-xyz". Replace the "x" with "0", replace the "y" with the default value 0, and replace the "z" with the number of LEDs. For example, the module for headlights and a beacon for the Life-Like N Scale SW9 is EZ24-003 (EZ24 module ($20), and 3 LEDs ($2), for a total of $30.00). The module for a typical HO Scale GP9 would be EZ22-104 (3-way EZ22 module with 3.0 VDC outputs connected for two lights forward and two reverse ($24), and 4 LEDs, for a total of $36.00).

ORDERING - When ordering an EZ-LITETM  module, always specify the following:

  1. Locomotive brand, scale and model. (Ex: Life-Like N Scale SW9, Atlas HO Scale GP9)
  2. Lights desired and their intended type and location. (Ex: headlights on both ends plus beacon on cab roof).
  3. (optional) EZ-LITETMmodel, with suffix.  A complete description is more useful than an accurate part number.

EZ00 - Small Scale (Z & N) Steam & Diesel Locomotives