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  2. CALL:     281-342-4895 (10AM to 10PM Central Time)
  3. MAIL:     Richmond Controls
                     P.O. Box 1467
                     Richmond, TX

*If this link fails to work properly, you can still send an email by using the normal email technique.  FIRST, highlight your message and copy it to your clipboard (so you don't have to type it again).  To do this,  highlight the text in your message, click EDIT at the top of your screen, then COPY, which will copy it to your clipboard.

Then MINIMIZE this website display (click the "-" in the upper right corner several times to get back to your desktop), bring up your normal email program, paste in the contents of the clipboard, address the email to, enter some SUBJECT so the message will pass through our SPAM filter.  (Emails without SUBJECTS are not allowed to pass
the SPAM filter.)  SEND the message, close the email procedure, and click on the first RICHMOND CONTROLS item at the bottom left of your screen to return to the website. Before you spend a lot of time typing a complex message, it is recommended that you try sending a simple message like "this is a test" as both the subject and the message using the email link provided.  If it works, it will not be bothersome to us and you can then decide whether to spend your time composing a more detailed message.

You may also want to check your settings in Internet Explorer. You can do that by opening Explorer - go to Tools then Internet Options. Click on the Programs Tab and change where you want email to open in.