Richmond Controls modules were designed to be as easy as possible to install. For example, soldering is generally not required other than for attaching power wires across the motor in some cases. No major frame modifications are required - that’s what our "NO CHOPPINGTM" trademark means. However, some customers may not have the tools or the time to do the installations, and we will provide that service if you prefer.

Standard installation pricing for PLASTIC locomotive models is:

Headlights Only
(Single or Dual, with or without bezels)
Headlights plus Beacon or Strobes
Headlights and Ditch Lights
Headlights, Ditch Lights and Beacon

Standard installation pricing for PLASTIC Passenger Car and Caboose models is:

Kato N Scale, interior and tail light
All other passenger car and caboose interior lighting, including one tail light (NOT including marker lights)
Marker Lights $30.00
and up

In all cases, supplies are extra. Typical supplies are the EZ-LITETM kit itself and accessories, ditch light castings, marker light castings, strobe light castings, drumhead lights, and replacement wheels.

For other installation jobs not listed, we will be delighted to provide a quotation.

The price for installation in brass models is always higher if the model has already been detailed and painted. We prefer to do installations on unpainted models (or at least to perform any necessary drilling or cutting before painting is done), and in these cases, prices MAY be the same as for plastic models.

When shipping models to Richmond Controls, the customer is strongly advised to insure the shipment for its full value. Obviously, the model should be carefully packed with plenty of padding.

Installation and assembly services are not discountable to dealers.