Richmond Controls can supply Marker Light components and modules for all scales.  This ranges from LEDs to repair and upgrade existing systems to complete marker light systems.  This document addresses the following topics:  LEDs, DRIVER CIRCUITS, INTERIOR LIGHT UPGRADES, and EXAMPLES.


LEDs with Insulated Wire Leads - Part Number SW0603-WT06 (Sunny White, 6" leads) or GW0603-WT06 (Golden White, 6" leads), $3.00 each.  (Typical Application:  replacing burned out lamps.)  These are "603" size surface mount LEDs supplied with twisted #36 wire leads.

These LED measure 0.060" x 0.030" (1.5 mm x 0.75 mm), have 6" long 0.0055" diameter insulated stranded wire leads, and are rated at a MAXIMUM current of 20 mA.  Typically, 5 mA produces ample brightness, and the LED's voltage drop will be about 3.0 volts.  They emit light in all directions, and are useful for replacing burned out lamps in commercially available marker lamp assemblies.  They will illuminate all three lenses of commercially available marker light assemblies such as those made by Tomar.  They can also be used for headlights.
Individual Colored LEDs - see below for part number and price information.  (Typical Application:  custom-made marker lights.)
Surface mount colored LEDs are available in three colors:  Deep Red (660 nm), Amber (592 nm), and Bluish-Green (502 nm).  These colors are judged to most closely duplicate the colors found in actual railroad applications.  The LEDs measure about 0.060" x 0.030" x 0.020" and are supplied with 6" #36 enameled wire leads.  The LEDs emit light from all sides except the bottom, but the light is brightest from the top surface.  They are rated at 20 mA, and typically require approximately 2-3 volts for operation.  A CURRENT LIMITING RESISTOR MUST ALWAYS BE USED WITH THESE LEDs !!!  The resistor is not normally supplied with the LED.


  • Prices:  $3.00 each for Red (RD0603-WT06) and Amber (AM0603-WT06), $3.00 each for Bluish-Green (GR0603-WT06)
  • Other colors are available, including Blue and White


    Marker light driver circuits can be simply driven from any simple source of AC or DC voltage, including batteries, DC track power, DCC track power, decoder outputs, or Aristocraft track power.  Richmond Controls offers special driver circuits that can do more than simple circuits.  This includes providing flicker-resistant operation from track power, providing constant intensity interior lights, driving marker lights and tail signs at constant intensity, and creating special effects such a Mars Light or Gyralight tail lights.  All applications involving special effects, as well as simple flicker-resistant interior and exterior lights, are discussed in the sections on passenger car and caboose lighting. The following are generally limited to Marker Light applications.

    Flicker-resistant DC Power Module - Part Number EZ23-0S0, $20.00 - (Typical application:  furnishing flicker-resistant DC power to low voltage light sources, drawing from track power)

    The EZ23 FRED flasher built without the flashing circuit can supply steady 2 volt or 3 volt power for several seconds for use at loads up to about 15 mA.  This is a useful substitute for the EZ31, EZ41, EZ51 and EZ61 circuits when no special effects or interior lighting are desired.