The EZ51 is for full-length N Scale passenger cars, and the EZ61 is for HO Scale passenger cars. The EZLS can be tailored for any car in any scale, and standard versions have been made for some cars in some scales.

The EZ51 and EZ61 passenger car modules have interior lights and a supercapacitor as standard features, and they can be ordered with a variety of optional features:

The modules are track powered, and begin operating at a very low track voltage, typically 2.5 to 3.5 volts. All EZ51 and EZ61 modules use supercapacitors to reduce or eliminate flickering due to dirty track or wheels. (Lights will typically remain on for several seconds after lifting the car from the track.)

A special module, the EZ52, is available for interior lighting only. It is a narrow (1/4") module 5.75" long, with eight (8) LEDs and current limiting resistors. Unlike the other modules discussed in this section, the EZ52 has no electronics other than resistors and LEDs. It is meant to be attached to the 3 VDC output of any one of the other modules, for providing interior lights for RDCs, Gas-Electric Cars, Zephyr cars, or other similar applications requiring both headlights and interior lights. It can be cut to fit, as desired.

The EZ53 is designed for Z Scale passenger cars.  It has constant intensity interior lights and can be supplied with red tail lights.  It can not be equipped with a supercapacitor to minimize flicker.

The EZLS can be used in any scale, and it was designed to be either ready-to-run or to allow the user to assemble the parts on the circuit board to save money.  Please refer to the separate descriptions of the EZLS features, options, and pricing.


1" to 23"
0.14" (3.8 mm)*
EZ51 (N)
5.625" (14.3 cm)
0.49" (1.24 cm)
0.14" (3.8 mm) *
5.75" (14.6 cm)
0.235" (6.0 mm)
0.085" (2.2 mm)
EZ53 4.0" (9.9 cm) 0.30" (7.0 mm) 0.085" (2.2 mm)
EZ61 (HO)
9.0 " (22.9 cm)
0.475" (1.2 cm)
0.085" (2.2 mm) *

* At the supercapacitor, the thickness is 0.26" (6.6 mm).

PRICING: Base Price (EZ51 family): $34.00 per module (With interior lights and supercapacitor standard)
Base Price (EZ52 family): $20.00 per module (No options available)
Base Price (EZ53): $26.00 per module (With interior lights only)
Base Price (EZ61 family): $35.00 per module (With interior lights and supercapacitor standard)
Optional items: See selection below

Select options from the following tables, create the appropriate part numbers, and add the amounts shown to the base price. Please note: Interior lighting and supercapacitors are now standard for the EZ51 and EZ61, and batteries are not offered.


Part Number Template:  EZnn - [Tail Light] [Marker Lights] [Wipers]

Add the following option prices to the Base Price listed above.

[Tail Light]: 0=None, F=Flashing RED LED ($4.00), G=Gyralight ($10.00) **,  M=Mars Light ($10.00) **, R=Red LED ($2.00)

[Marker Lights] (Single LEDs): 0=None, 1=one ($2.00), 2=two ($4.00) - specify colors

[Axle Wipers] (current collectors - for Z, N and HO Scale only): 0=None, W=1 set ($4.00)

** Mars Light and Gyralight are available ONLY with EZ51 and EZ61 passenger car modules.

Examples: (ALL EZ51s and EZ61s have interior lights and supercapacitors as standard features)

Kato N Scale business car module with Mars tail light => EZ51-M00 => $34 + $10 + $0 + $0=$44.

Athearn HO Scale observation car module with Gyralight and 2 marker light LEDs => EZ61-G20 => $35 + $10 + $4 + $0=$49.

When ordering, always describe the desired end result as in the examples. (A good description is more helpful than a part number.)

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