A Few Words about SHIPMENTS

Richmond Controls uses the United States Postal Service for shipments to ALL destinations.  All shipments are FOB Richmond, Texas.

When the domestic shipping charge is $5.00 or more, the shipment will be via USPS Priority Mail with $50.00 of insurance.  When the domestic shipping charge is less than $5.00, the goods will be sent via First Class Mail, and will not be insured.  Since shipments are FOB Richmond, Texas, insurance is the customer’s option and responsibility.  If a customer desires additional insurance, we are happy to obtain the cost information, add that cost to the bill, and obtain the desired insurance.  The same is true for other services such as Delivery Confirmation and Tracking.

All International shipments use the USPS First Class envelope, which is not insured.  Other options are available if specified by the customer.  You may wish to consult the United States Postal Service International Calculator website, http://ircalc.usps.gov/.

Customers desiring UPS or FedEx shipping can specify that option, and the shipping charges will be quoted for that service.  All such shipping will be handled by a Shipping Store, and the shipping cost will be whatever they charge.